+ Bondi Junction Complete Streets Project (2012)

Sam was the principal author and designer for Australia’s first Council-adopted Complete Streets Project. Detailed plans and costings were developed to reconfigure all 17 streets in Bondi Junction with more pedestrian space, greenery and cycle lanes. Following strong community support, Council adopted the report to guide $20 million of capital expenditure over the next decade, and have begun implementation of the first street conversions.

+ Whistler St Carpark & Laneway, Manly (2012)

Sam prepared conceptual designs to demonstrate how a carpark façade and laneway could be revitalised as an alternative to conventional redevelopment, with a potential saving to Council of $40m. Sam presented the concept to a community meeting with 150 attendees and with the efforts of local Councillors, community support and media attention, the Council is now workshopping ways to pursue this concept.

+ Darwin Neighbourhood Retrofit (2012-2013)

Sam was the lead designer for the retrofit of an existing neighbourhood with new housing while retaining the mature trees, roads and services by converting streets to rear lanes and backyards to linear parks/ breezeways. Sam also played a key role in the architecture of the tropical housing with features such as breezeways, high ceilings, wide verandahs and simple form.

+ Brimbin New Town (2011-2013)

With an estimated 8,000 homes and 10,000 jobs, the 3,700ha Brimbin New Town is a state significant urban release area and employment hub. Sam was responsible for preparing the Structure Plan and Planning Proposal, assisting with community consultation and liaising with Council to successfully achieve approval.

+ West Wallsend Design Guidelines (2012)

With heritage and landscape concerns preventing DCP approval of a townsite extension, Sam prepared sensitive building and landscape Design Guidelines which were welcomed by the JRPP and community, and ultimately secured DCP approval.

+ What If... Ideas for East Perth (2010)

Sam led a design concept to transform a 2km (150ha) corridor in the Perth CBD. The scheme used three key ‘seeds’ to manipulate the rail and freeway infrastructure and provide platforms on which three new neighbourhoods could grow from. Receiving a High commendation at the 2010 PIA Awards for Urban Plans and Ideas, it is now being progressed by the City of Perth as a major project.

+ What If... Ideas for West Perth (2010)

Faced with a pocket of the city surrounded by rail lines and freeways, Sam challenged the conventional and expensive approach of reconnecting with a concept that takes advantage of the isolation: a built noise barrier around the periphery contained workshops, galleries, shops, performance spaces and roof-top terraces and inside the car-free village were apartments and courtyards with a central pedestrian spine and outdoor cinema.

+ Midland Town Centre Study (2009)

Following his learnings from working with Jan Gehl, Sam managed a Public Space and Public Life study of the 100ha Midland Town Centre including methodology, coordination of 40 research assistants, data processing, mapping, urban design analysis, strategy/ recommendation development and documentation. The extensive action plan offered a tangible program of initiatives for the Council to improve the quality and experience of the town centre.

+ Capricorn Coastal Village (2006-2011)

As project manager and senior designer, Sam prepared the structure plans, town centre plans, subdivisions and detailed area plans for this new 260ha coastal community. The project received EnviroDevelopment accreditation and was the recipient of the 2010 UDIA Award for Sustainable Development, 2010 HIA WA Greensmart Community Development Award and 2013 UDIA Award for Best Residential Development in Australia.

+ Yanchep-Two Rocks (2006-2011)

Sam was the project urban planner for Australia’s single largest urban development at 7550ha, and was responsible for preparing the Structure Plan, providing planning advice at community workshops and managing complex negotiations with local and state government and obtaining final approval for this project of state significance.